Variety, when differentiating the product, means varying the format of the products students are expected to develop throughout the school year or term. It is also possible to have different students develop products in different formats for the same content.

Products may be classified according to their form of expression. Roberts & Inman[90]provide 5 categories: kinesthetic, verbal (oral), visual, written, and technological. Students need opportunities and support to develop the skills needed to create effective products in all of these categories.

High ability students should be expected to learn to express their thoughts and ideas through many forms of expression, media and technologies. These experiences will enable them to communicate effectively with members of professional communities as well as peers, parents, and teachers.


Appendix L contains a selection of product formats classified by their mode of expression. It may be used to ensure the variety of products over time to ensure all modes are addressed by choosing products from different categories for assignments throughout a school term. Selections can be recorded on the form so it will become apparent variety has been achieved as products accumulate from all categories. Some modes are easier to integrate into certain disciplines than others however all can be used to stimulate the development of authentic products.

The list of options provided in the section on Self-selected product may be helpful here.