Portfolio Conferencing

Portfolio Conferencing Checklist

In this version of the Brilliant Behaviors, the text reflects ways students might demonstrate each behavior in conversations with peers or teachers when discussing the contents of their portfolio. A student’s portfolio should contain some student-defined or student-initiated tasks. These are often the best contexts for conversations that provide evidence of the Brilliant Behaviors.

The rater should let the extraordinary frequency and intensity of the students comments guide the placement of their check marks. Students who make one or two funny or bizarre comments about their work would be given a rating of “No” for humor because this is not extraordinary. You need to be convinced.

Any behavior rated “Much” can serve up to three purposes.

  • It may be transferred to the Teacher’s Guide for Selecting Differentiation Strategies (in Chapter 5) in order to select the most appropriate curriculum differentiation strategies for the student.
  • It may be transferred to the Individualized Educational Plan for use in the IEP development.
  • It can also be included in the student’s referral file for consideration in any process to select students for placement in special programs.

Download the Portfolio Conferencing Checklist here.