Self-Rating Form

Self-Rating Form of the Brilliant Behaviors

A student may be asked to complete this form to give him or her a voice in the process of differentiating curriculum. This will not only provide information for the curriculum planning process but may also engage the student in a form of self-analysis. Many gifted students are often puzzled by the meaning of the words bright, gifted and talented (Galbraith, 1985) and this activity can reduce the mystery. It tells them about a few features of bright and gifted individuals which are important to the teacher and the school. The student will understand that students who behave in these 13 ways frequently, intensely and for long periods of time will need different sorts of learning experiences.

Students’ responses can also provide teachers and parents with a sense of their self-perceptions. Conversations around the form can provide a joint understanding of the student which is an excellent starting point for collaborative planning. This opens communication with the student based on who she or he perceives her or himself to be rather than what books say she or he ought to be. This is particularly important and appropriate when working with students who are not completing regular assignments or have learning disabilities.

The students’ √s from this form can be transferred directly to the student version of the Guide for Selecting Differentiation Strategies or to the form for developing an Individualized Educational Plan.

Download the Self-rating form here.