Teacher Checklist

Teacher Checklist of Student Behavior

This version of the Brilliant Behaviors was developed by Judy Rogers through her work with the Tucson School District. It provides observers a scale on which the frequency of each behavior is rated. This is useful in schools where referrals are being made to the school-based team for labeling, identification and eventual placement. Whenever possible, observers should discuss the meaning of the points on the rating scale before undertaking their observations to reduce possible individual variations in their interpretations. Again, it is very important that the student’s strength or strengths be indicated on the form as well as the activity or activities during the observation(s).

Any behavior given a rating of “5” can serve three purposes.

  • It may be transferred to the Teacher’s Guide for Selecting Differentiation Strategies and used to select the most appropriate curriculum differentiation strategies for the student.
  • It may be transferred to the Individualized Educational Plan for use in the IEP development.
  • It can also be included in the student’s referral file for consideration in any process to select students for placement in special programs.

Download the Teacher Checklist of Student Behavior here.